Fresh Set-O-Prints - The Finkers

Label:Stolen Records
Highlights:This Time It's Love
Adeline Now
Can't Wait
Going Out On A High
Know That You Now

Rating: 8/10

Fresh Set-O-Prints is a consistent yet slightly patchy debut album from Sydney power poppers The Finkers, who are reminiscent of such bands as Big Star, Teenage Fanclub and The Someloves. Composed of members from such noteworthy bands as The Pyramidiacs, The Crusaders, The Intercontinental Playboys and The Slaters, the Finkers could be described as an Australian power pop supergroup. While Fresh Set-O-Prints is full of great songs, such as This Time It's Love and Can't Wait, The Finkers let themselves down by including several throwaway tracks, which disturbs the overall continuity of the album. Thankfully, these songs are quickly forgotten when the power chords of Now That You Know come crashing in. All considered, The Finkers probably would have been better off releasing the best 6 or 7 songs on an extremely strong mini-album, which would have better highlighted the band's talents. Nevertheless, Fresh Set-O-Prints is still an enjoyable album that fans of Australian power pop should be rushing out to buy.

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